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Advertising Glass – Concept & Introduction

Advertising Glass is the latest innovation in LED display technology that goes above and beyond the limitations of traditional forms of advertising media and digital signage.

Advertising Glass is a day light visible transparent LED display technology that allows you to transform glass, facades, windows and storefronts into an advertising and marketing platform while still allowing you to retaining almost full visibility both ways and allowing natural daylight in.

Designed and developed to marry digital content with architecture, Advertising Glass offers a new scope and platform in visionary design which combines digital content with architecture to create a truly unique and modern display solution that is complimentary to the building and its surroundings.



Advertising Glass is the first LED display technology to offer up to 80% transparency which allows windows and building facades to be used as high impact visual display platforms while preserving the view from both within and into building.

Using this innovative technology it is possible to bring windows, storefronts and building facades to life with stunning and eye catching graphics, videos and animation to create spectacular rich media content which literally grabs attention from both short and long distances, in both night and day.

Advertising Glass has pushed the boundaries of modern architecture giving the ability to transform glass or windows into a vibrant, eye-catching and useful medium for advertising, brand awareness, promotions and most importantly client and customer engagement.

Advertising Glass – Modern Architecture to create “Media-tecture”

If you walk down a high street, through a shopping mall or in the middle of a business centre there is one overwhelming constant factor you will find GLASS.

Today glass on average makes up over 65% of commercial building entrance facades and retail store fronts (Source – Daily Telegraph) which will have a substantial volume of both pedestrian and vehicle traffic passing or walking by each and every day.

Although this Glass obviously represents a highly lucrative and logical space for advertising and marketing to a vast close proximity audience, the fact remains that this Glass is not being use to interact or communicate with this audience. But rather it’s just unused, empty space.

Advertising Glass allows us to transform this empty and unused yet premium space that in some cases will have hundreds if not thousands of people walk and drive past each and every day, into an attention grabbing visual spectacle that stands out from the crowd – like nothing else seen before.

Advertising Glass is the most effective way to distinguish and differentiate your building giving it maximum exposure and a truly unique and dynamic dimension by enhancing the façade, window display or storefront without compromising or taking anything away from the building’s structure.

We have installed Advertising Glass on entire facades of multi-storey commercial buildings in some the largest cities in the world to small store fronts in urban communities across 4 continents, there are 3 things all Advertising Glass displays create -Awareness, Presence and Recognition.

Advertising Glass is designed to make sure eyes are looking where we want them to look – at your building, at your office, at your store…

High Transparency

High Transparency

The Unique Advertising Glass LED design and configuration combined with transparent strip mounted panel modules enables Advertising Glass displays to be up to 80% transparent preserving the view from both within and into the building

High Brightness

High Brightness

Advertising Glass can deliver up to 6,000nits of brightness, enabling it to display vivid media content in daylight even on the sunniest days giving it a major edge over traditional forms of digital signage which are susceptible to glare and low visibility in daylight



A Compact design process reduces an Advertising Glass displays weight to 12 kg/m2.  This Light-weight design allows us to achieve large scale displays and building facade installations in locations which would otherwise be unable to support digital displays

Customised Design

Customised Design

Advertising Glass can be customized to create any custom size window display that integrates seamlessly into the building’s architecture and unlike other digital display solutions is designed to conform to a building’s structure rather than conceal it

Multimedia Content

Multimedia Content

Advertising Glass supports a wide array of media content including video, graphics, animation, and text and is fully compatible with a variety of commonly used formats and file types, allowing it to display high impact visual content for any purpose

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Easy Installation

A choice of three installation options enables Advertising Glass to be installed on any window display or building façade. The use of LED strip technology allow for easy maintenance for both small and large scale displays

Integrated Solution

Integrated Solution

Each Advertising Glass display can be complimented by integrated software, multiple control options, interactive media player, content creation, network management capabilities and can be integrated with existing display media and software

Turnkey Service

We offer a full turnkey solution from start to finish which includes production, supply, delivery, set up and installation of Advertising Glass displays. In addition we are able to offer technicians for software integration and media content creation

  • Latest innovation in LED technology
  • Green Technology – no more printing flyers and posters
  • Up to 80% Transparent and Fully visible in Daylight
  • Transforms Glass / Windows into display advertising platform
  • High Brightness – Up to 6500 nits
  • Apply directly onto existing Glass / Windows
  • Simple and Easy installation – Multiple Options
  • Turnkey solution – Delivery, Set up and Instillation
  • Create any size display. Available in 5 pitch options
  • Remotely Managed / Networkable

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